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          Fitness Products for Health & Wellness

          Tanita bathroom scales

          Bathroom Scales
          Both solar and electronic bathroom scales, including a portable scale small enough to fit in your suitcase!

          Tanita diet scales

          Tanita Digital Diet Scales
          Several models to choose from - perfect for monitoring your diet and portion sizes

          BioScanner glucose meter / diabetes testing device

          CardioChek Glucose Monitor / Diabetes Testing Device
          More than a glucose monitor, CardioChek measures glucose, cholesterol, ketones, triglycerides and more.

          Cardio Zone pedometers

          AccuFitness Pedometers
          Know your distance, calories burned, and steps walked or jogged with this handy clip on monitor. 

          Omron digital ear thermometers

          Omron Digital Ear Thermometers
          Omron ear thermometers are fast, simple and convenient to use.

          Medi-Rub body massagers and foot massagers and Omron sports massagers

          Personal Massagers
          Soothe aching muscles and increase circulation with our Omron personal massager and Medi-rub body massagers and foot massagers.

          PowerBreather inspiratory muscle strengthener
          POWERBreathe Inspiratory Muscle Strengthener
          Helps strengthen inspiratory muscles and lungs - ideal for asthmatics and a natural performance enhancer for runners, cyclists and athletes

          Resperate Blood Pressure Lowering Device

          Resperate Blood Pressure Lowering Device
          from $299.00
          RESPeRATE, the breakthrough non-drug medical device to lower high blood pressure, is now available without a prescription to the 50 million Americans with high blood pressure. In both single and duo models.
          SPECIAL OFFER! FREE LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor PLUS FREE UPS Ground Shipping with Purchase!

          LifeSign Smoking cessation program
          LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Program
          Give the gift of life. Help someone you care about break the smoking habit
          emWave Stress Reliever
          emWave Stress Reliever

          emWave® Personal Stress Reliever® provides a handheld, portable and convenient way to reduce stress, balance emotions and increase performance. Anytime, anywhere. It’s a simple device that lets you conquer tension and stress without changing your overall lifestyle.
          For Phone Orders, call toll-free 888-337-4684 (Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm E.S.T)
          All other inquiries, please phone 718-339-6212
          FAX 718-336-5570

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